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Early death, endless smile

Early death, endless smile Couv Version 20.png

 "A new approach to an unsolved historical mystery"

John-Paul, the author, went on vacation for a few weeks to distance himself from personnal problems. He had time for himself and decided to devote it to an old enigma that has been questionning him for more than 40 years. It is the death of Pope Jonh Paul I in 1978, after only 33 days of reign. He was found smiling in death in early morning. 


The more he made research, the more new questions arose.  

The author discovers that there are a number of theories about a possible murder. The death of the Pope has been preceded and followed by other deaths. Despite  serious indications, the Curia, as well as the Italian police,  supported the theory of natural deaths. 

The author will investigate in many directions,and finally decide to write about his investigation to replace the thriller he forgot to take with him for his vacation !

" Truth emerges more readily from error than from confusion "

   Francis Bacon


We will read three intertwined stories:

 - The first one, sticking as much as possible to facts, is that of John Paul I.

 - The second is about the enquiries by a group .

 - And the third one is that of the author himself, who receives threats to stop him writing.


You will know Nicodemus, Metropolite of Leningrad and his project to empower the Russian Orthodox Church despite being a KGB spy.  

The intrigue includes several phases :


  1. The Russian secret services plan to assassinate the Pope but a French spy succeed in informing his boss about the plot. 

  2. John Paul I is elected, but when Nicodemus came to visit him, he died suddenly in his office, as he did himself a few days later under mysterious circonstances. 

  3. The inquiry of the journalists on a possible murder does not go anywhere until John Paul II at his turn is victim of an assassination attempt. 

  4. New elements allow to build new hypothesis.


The author is threaten and he fears the worst.

But thanks to his negociating experience, he manages to regain the upper hand. His ennemies are going to help him to find a thruth, if not the Truth.

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« It's not doubt which drives you mad, it's certainty»

Friedrich Nietzsche

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